Skey Network — Summary of 2022 and Vision

4 min readJan 12, 2023


We are currently focused on improving our technology and building products and services. We prove that we are still developing and building trust in our products and solutions. Last year we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Skey Network (formerly Smartkey). We know that the economic crisis, not only in the crypto world, is extensive. It significantly slows the adoption process and makes acquiring new companies and clients challenging. We do not give up, and we are very dynamic and characterized by the Agile model, which is based on agile work in small multidisciplinary teams that focus on delivering results fast, experimental, and iteratively. We constantly have new ideas and continue to create future technology!

Short Summary of 2022 — the most important events in Skey

  1. Skey Challenge final — extensive reach and over 300 participants from over 20 countries.
  2. Development of the Go2NFT project — a project based on the Skey Network blockchain for security.
  3. Premiere of the Skey Access app
  4. Burning 71M SKEY -
  5. Go2NFT solution powered by Skey Network & Partnership with VSR supported by Lamborghini
  6. Development of Skey technology and tools
  7. Announcement of the first cities of Kołobrzeg & Grudziądz on the Skey blockchain ecosystem
  8. Free NFT Generator based on Skey blockchain technology
  9. The premiere of Skey Bridge on Mainnet
  10. Burning tokens from implementations
  11. Skey Network technology presented at the World Urban Forum.
  12. Partnerhisp with Mazury Airport
  13. Whitepaper update & wallet division
  14. A new chapter & website of Skey Network
  15. Partnership in the energy sector with VP Plant
  16. Premiere of Skey Box

The vision of the future
Thanks to the gradual increase in the awareness of recipients and consumers, the adoption of blockchain technology is progressing. Blockchain is also entering other areas of the economy. It is no longer just crypto and financial services but communication security, access control, trade in works of art and luxury (via NFT), transport, logistics, automotive, and the energy market.

Skey Network is entering new areas of the economy. Drawing on our experience to date — and meeting the expectations of our partners and clients — we are developing our services and introducing further improvements. For the blockchain revolution to be effective and sustainable, it should transform into a wisely led evolution.

We would like mass adoption to go much faster. We want to speed up this process, so we came up with Skey Box — a set of tools that allow the company to enter blockchain technology quickly. Why did we choose Skey Box as our flagship product and the foundation of our future development strategy?

Skey Box is a product:

  • easily scalable and universal — for every industry and every company, regardless of its size;
  • low cost in implementation — the entry barrier for the client is set at an attractive financial level;
  • works equally well on several hundred and several million implementations;
  • a package/modular solution means easy adaptation/changes according to the needs of a given client;
  • adding new services to the package or commissioning external companies to create additional components we can add to the box is very simple (after prior consultation and training by Skey Network experts).

The benefits for companies:
🔹 Cryptographical security for data.
🔹 Verification and traceability.
🔹 Enforcement of contracts and agreements.
🔹 Generating own NFTs.
🔹 ESG — social responsibility, reduction of emissions & use of renewable sources.
🔹 Permanent data carrier.
🔹 Making & saving transactions without any intermediaries.
🔹 Integrity of financial services.
🔹 Transparency of data.
🔹 Supply Chains — Product Tracking & Supply Record.

Summary — a glimpse into the future
To sum up — 2022 was not a very successful year for the crypto market, but the hard work done by the Skey Network team will result in the coming time. Experts point out that in 2023 there may be another acceleration toward broader adoption of Web3 technology, including blockchain, as many people realize that it offers many advantages over traditional systems.

Therefore, 2023 is the year in which Skey Network, thanks to ready-made products, has a chance to become the leader of blockchain services offered to customers in the form of plug & play.

We invite everyone who wants to cooperate with us in implementing this vision. Contact 👉

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