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We are at the final stage of publishing our products and making them available. We present:

  • Skey Network Access (Skey Network application).
  • Skey Network Keeper.
  • Skey Network Bridge.
  • Skey Network Organisation Manager.

We explain in detail how the Skey Network blockchain ecosystem works. We are preparing an AMA with our CTO Herman Sadik, who will answer all technical questions. Our technology is already working and under implementation. Soon you will see it in practice — installations are underway in three major Polish cities.


An application that uses Skey Network technology to storage access keys for IoT devices. For iOS and Android smartphones. We presented this product in Dubai. The application is dedicated to business (B2B model) and individual users for personal use. Skey Access has the possibility of keeping and sharing keys with others. Plans are now underway to implement the possibility of adding credit cards and sending keys to them. This will enable a facility that we presented in the movie in Dubai — opening a gate, barrier or device by touching a card.

The application is available:


iOS: Will be available soon😉


This is a crypto wallet extension that enables users to interact with applications operating within the Skey Network ecosystem. It can store Skey technical tokens (called SkeyUSD) necessary for carrying out transactions on the Skey Network Blockchain.

Skey Keeper allows users to generate SEED phrases and accounts that can be used with apps like the Key Manager, Skey Bridge and so on. Important! Keep your SEED phrase secure at all times. Do not show or send it to anyone.

Skey Keeper also allows users to sign transactions with just a couple of clicks. Every user can create multiple wallets and switch between them on a whim. If you forget the password to the account, you can recover it from your SEED, as with any other crypto wallet. This tool is compatible with WEB 3.0.

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It is dedicated to the exchange of SKEY[ERC-20] into our technical SkeyUSD tokens.

The Skey Bridge is designed for corporations and city authorities that use our technology. The swapping process is very straightforward. It requires the connection of Skey Keeper and Metamask Wallets. Metamask is the wallet from which the ERC20 tokens will be taken, and Skey Keeper is the wallet into which the technical tokens will be sent after the swap. The user triggers a transaction that transfers his Skey [ETH] to our oracle and saves the id, user’s address, amount, etc. In this version, Oracle does not follow the blockchain, but this user manually sends requests to the oracle server with ID, Then the server validates it and sends transactions on the Skey Network Technical blockchain to the user’s address provided earlier. And here it is not exchanging one token for one token. Only the contract will check the price of the Skey on ETH and transfer enough SkeyUSD so that the user gets the same SkeyUSD for every dollar in ETH.

Skey Network’s technical token, the SkeyUSD, is a stable coin nominated to the US Dollar. The bridge tool uses a server that checks the current price, converts and makes transactions to estimate the exchange rate for the swap. The whole process is intuitive and very similar to buying cryptocurrencies using platforms such as Uniswap. The technical tokens can be used to perform various transactions on the Skey Blockchain. They are used to register new IoT devices and operate these devices (open, close, turn on or off).

The fee is the cost of triggering a transaction on ETH. Here, the money is transferred to a different address (because it is on a different blockchain) and the user must provide this address in the transaction. There is no oracle that watches the blockchain, only the user manually pings the server to process its transactions.

It will not be possible to exchange SkeyUSD for ERC-20.


Explainer ➡️


This is a control panel dedicated to service suppliers.

It allows:

  • Generation of access keys for devices.
  • Management of IoT devices.
  • Decisions on their parameters.

Organization Manager is dedicated to organizations, companies, decision-makers. This Manager creates smart contracts containing parameters such as: the time of access to sensors or devices, the date of expiry of the contract (access to the device), the cost of access, user verification, and other parameters relevant to a given service. A service supplier (resource owner), e.g. a hotel, creates a model contract which it puts up for sale. By creating the contract, the supplier will select basic parameters, such as: the period of access to the service, e.g. hotel room, the method of user verification, e.g. hotel guest. Keys can be created based on the economic parameters of the supplier, so the key can be paid for or free.

More information about our technology can be found on GitHuB:

We are planning more AMAs and presentations with our CTO — Herman Sadik.








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