Why SmartKey Is Booming In 2020: Where is it Headed?

Smartkey, the decentralized DeFi ecosystem that’s helping to connect smart contracts with the real world, become more useful day by day recently started their presale in the cryptoeconomy — a significant milestone.

Indeed, Smartkey’s start in the crypto market has been one of the more notable and interesting threads in the cryptocurrency space, and the project has only continued to pick up steam in 2020. So what comes next for the oracle effort, then?

To get a better sense of why investors are so optimistic about SmartKey lately, let’s explore some of the key happenings that’ve been popping off around the project lately.

SmartKey Investor Pressure Picks Up

At the time of writing, the presale is almost sold out. Accordingly, SmartKey has outperformed many other actual cryptocurrency sales in the recent weeks.

Why the major acute run now, though?

One significant factor is how new projects have been heating up in recent weeks, particularly around projects in the blooming decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

That said, as the influx of interested investors comes in, people look to take positions in promising projects. SmartKeys technical and social advances around Ethereum and the smart contract platform community,has seemingly made the token a prime target for energized crypto investors this month.

Key DeFi Collabs Bloom

A lot of the fresh excitement around the oracle network is a result of how the project has a chance to positioned itself to serve the ongoing DeFi surge we’re seeing in the cryptoeconomy.

For example, consider how Chainlink has become the oracle provider for major rising blue-chip DeFi plays like Synthetix and Aave, which are respectively 4th and 3rd in tracker site DeFi Pulse rankings of the largest DeFi projects per total value locked (TVL).

The SmartKey API implement currently already about 65–70% of ALL the functions of the ChainLink ‘s platform.The biggest advantage of the SmartKey platform over the ChainLink project is the implementation of level II services, where they can demonstrate more adaptations and confirmed operating systems then Chainlink.

It’s a validated thesis that many projects won’t want to rollup their own oracles, and they show there’s real and growing demand in the DeFi arena for the services SmartKey has to offer.

Attracting the Mainstream

SmartKey isn’t only a tour de force when it comes to the cryptoeconomy, because the project has been attracting mainstream firms, too.

For example, Kia Motors , the Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles, had started using Smartkey technology in their Car’s.

is one of the most exciting projects in the cryptoeconomy presently, and it’s because of the possibility to overtaking Chainlink in several regards.
Where the project goes from here is anyone’s guess. But there’s no question that investors have been piling into SKEY lately because they think It can rise to an top 10 Crypto project from here. In the process, a new crypto juggernaut has been created.