The first city operating on the Skey Network! Welcome, Kołobrzeg!

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2 min readMay 19, 2022


Today comes a memorable moment! The first city was launched on the Skey Network.

This is only the first city to be fully operational. Implementations in other cities are accelerating and soon there will be more announcements in the roadmap of the Skey network development.

The implementation in Kołobrzeg mainly includes municipal services and authorities. A dozen or so points were created in the city, which were physically implemented and officially used by the authorities of Kołobrzeg. The next step will be to add privileged services to the network, and at a later stage to include a solution for all residents and tourists. There are over 2 million tourists and visitors in Kołobrzeg every year, which gives great potential for the development of the network.

All people using the solution will be able to find their transaction on the blockchain in the mainnet Skey under the link: ​​

Thus, the process of using tokens by stewards, clients and services will begin, as well as the process of burning tokens. As such, Skey Network’s tokenomy will gain momentum and be physically implemented.

This is just the beginning of physical blockchain implementations in cities and only the beginning of long-term network development. Stay tuned, because more cities are coming soon.

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