Summary of the Skey Challenge

First of all, we want to thank you for your support and commitment to the Skey Network Challenge. It was an excellent experience for all our team and the new value for Skey Network.

All the projects were intriguing; however, none of them met all expectations according to the jury. In their opinion, they are not mature enough and are not ready for implementation.

Respecting the experience, authority, and knowledge of the jury, we decide to close the competition at the third stage without a final settlement by point 11.1 of the Terms and Conditions.💡

All semifinal projects are conceptually good but lack basic things such as developing a solid business model, implementation plan, market research in terms of the competitiveness of the solution, and conducting an accurate diagnosis of the need on the market.

However, 10 projects that meet the conditions of the third stage will be awarded $ 3500 in Skey tokens💰:

  1. ChainCrafts

The best 3 projects will be awarded a Special CEO Skey Network awards $10,000💰 for appreciation of the creativity, effort, commitment, and level of development for each of the three projects:

  1. Ratio Waste

These 3 projects have a chance for growth, and we will continue our cooperation with them. We believe in their development and hope that they will become part of the Skey Network ecosystem. The Skey Challenge has been completed, but development continues.

Congratulations on all projects!🚀 We thank the participants for taking part in the competition and wish them good luck in the further development of the projects!🔥

We want to continue working with projects. Projects can count on our support and cooperation. We are also open to new ideas and collaborations. We encourage you to contact us.

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Skey Network

Skey Network is universal, standardized communication system. Connector that combines the IoT devices with blockchain.