SmartKey X Orange: the world’s first blockchain-of-things SIM for smart cities.

3 min readJun 2, 2021


We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership with global telecoms pioneer, Orange. Enabled by SmartKey, Orange will become the world’s first global telecoms operator to harness blockchain as part of its smart city initiatives.

Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey will roll out in cities in Poland where Smartkey is headquartered and integrated with city-wide infrastructure such as smart bikes, heating and water systems. The partnership will then be rolled out globally, with more than 2,000 cities integrated into the platform.

How it works

Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey is the world’s first blockchain-of-things SIM card. Here’s what it does:

  • Integrates SmartKey into Orange’s Live Objects platform, enabling all Orange IoT devices to be managed via the blockchain.
  • Connects devices to the SmartKey blockchain network, allowing users to manage device access and payments, and to connect to dApps in the SmartKey ecosystem.
  • Connects devices to Live Objects, allowing users to harness its suite of data management tools and services for your device.
  • Creates a universal standard for blockchain-of-things SIM cards to enable future smart cities.
  • Generates and distributes NFT access keys for connected devices.

Enabling smart cities

Orange is the largest telecoms operator in Poland and provides over two million SIM cards for IoT devices, having over 266 Million active users worldwide. The Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey will enable management and monitoring of smart infrastructure such as lighting and utilities, parking services, transport, charging and refueling, security and distributed energy.

Each of the initial cities in Poland to be enabled with SmartKey will receive its own blockchain node, with several thousand additional nodes planned in the coming years. The first use case for the partnership will be an extension of SmartKey’s ‘Rescue Without Barriers’ pilot in Olsztyn, Poland.

VP and Director of IoT and Advanced Technologies at Orange, Sebastian Grabowski, who is pioneering the project on behalf of Orange Polska, said: “The combination of blockchain technology and the internet of things is a real revolution not only in the world of technology, but also in the global economy and our partnership with Smartkey will enable Orange to play a key part in this.”

TestNet and Chainlink

Behind the scenes, the core SmartKey team has been laying the foundation for our Orange partnership by launching our TestNet and establishing an integration with market-leading oracle network Chainlink.

Accessing real-world off-chain data from IoT networks and APIs is a key feature of Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey. Chainlink has already been piloted in our partnership with local government in Northern Poland and will be a key integration going forwards.

Our TestNet was launched earlier this month and can be viewed via the SmartKey Explorer.

What’s next for SmartKey?

SmartKey is creating a universal global communication standard for the blockchain-of-things. Our partnership with Orange will accelerate our mission to be the connective tissue of the smart cities of the future, and the go-to network for flexible and secure IoT solutions.

We have more exciting announcements planned for this year as we begin the rollout of Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey. Stay tuned!

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