SmartKey and Medicalls and fueled medical care

The grim times of Covid have driven apart humans both psychologically and physically, creating never before imaginable obstacles, including ones that stand in a way of well being and health. At the same time, the pandemic has given many opportunities to find innovative ways to reconnect not only people to one another, but it also allowed creation of a new ground for human — object relations, which proves to be especially important in the era of a new medical care paradigm.

In the forefront of the Blockchain of Things revolution stands SmartKey project. Its groundbreaking and literally speaking life-saving technology creates a safe platform that connects the Blockchain to the Internet of Things devices that facilitate and improve every day experiences, but also allow for efficient solutions for emergency situations.

SmartKey partnership with the local government authorities in Olsztyn, Poland made headlines as the reliability of Blockchain technology and smart contracts enables instant access to secure areas within the region for the paramedic teams that are able to reach those in need of help with greater than ever efficiency.

Medicalls and SmartKey saving lives

Similar impact is being made at the moment with SmartKey working alongside Medicalls to reformulate the idea of easy and safe accessibility to medical treatment.

This is how SmartKey bridges the gap between Blockchain and the real world.

As you open Medicalls App on your mobile device, you are automatically transferred to a map showing medbox containers near you. The access to the Medbox where you have your scheduled visit is granted with a SmartKey time-limited NFT Access Token. Inside the medbox, you are provided with a full set of self-examination devices that send results in real time, as well as, a fully monitored supervision and support of a doctor. After you finish your examination and are provided with the diagnosis, the NFT Access Token expires and the Medbox automatically closes and disinfects itself to be ready for the next patient.

SmartKey’s successful partnerships in the medical sector prove clearly that the ecosystem enables significant and positive social impact solutions. The IoT and BoT revolution that connects people and objects is happening right now. SmartKey’s projects show that The benefits of SmartKey systems go far and beyond the medical world.

The public access control framework offering high level of security, coordination access amongst multiple users, a payment management framework and the integration that focuses on connecting the Blockchain to IoT devices through NFT smart tokens open countless possibilities for the industries and the development of smart cities of the future where the safe lives of people are the most important value.

We live in a new paradigm, where the virtual solutions prove to be the answer for real life struggles. The innovative SmartKey ecosystem combines the Blockchain, Oracle II and DeFi technologies through SmartNFTs not as a matter of speculation, but a matter of changing the physical world for the better and allows for optimistic and exciting outlook on what comes in the future.

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