SkeyTix — A digital and non-counterfeit NFT ticket that will reduce registration time for your event

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Next-tech, such as blockchain and NFT, are incredible opportunities in ticketing and the event industry. NFT tickets will revolutionize concerts, festivals, sporting events, fairs, conferences, closed meetings, discussion groups, and more. You only need an intuitive panel and an easy-to-use SkeyTix application for the whole operation.

Current ticketing of events faces many problems, such as ticket counterfeiting, expensive production of physical tickets, faulty verification systems, long registration times, and lost tickets. The solution to these problems is technology, specifically the use of tickets in the form of digital NFT.

What does SkeyTix offer?
SkeyTix is a WEB3 platform for NFT ticketing. What does it mean? It means you can use a complete tool for generating and managing digital tickets in NFT. This product enables the integration of Skey Network with the customer’s ticketing system thanks to an API that provides event organizers with a modern option to create tickets for their events. Research shows that blockchain and NFT technology are the best ways to fight the counterfeiting, copying, and resale of tickets from unauthorized persons.

The SkeyTix product consists of:
1. Panel —
allows you to create events and generate NFT tickets. You can create an event page, prepare consents, e.g., GDPR, invite participants, or send a ticket. You can generate API codes using the panel.
2. Mobile application — allows you to verify NFT tickets by quick scanning. It is intended to be simple and effective. It also avoids the cost of purchasing or renting ticket verification devices.
3. API — simple and effective API code allows you to set ticket parameters and their purpose. The user determines whether the API’s purpose should be only for writing, reading, or both.

In addition, you can create individual graphic concepts for NFT tickets. However, one of the most significant advantages is that everyone can use SkeyTix. The operation of the panel and the application is simple and intuitive. It does not require installation or programming support. Virtually anyone can use it. We have currently generated over 300 NFT tickets. The product is completely functional and tested, for example, during the Conference for Entrepreneurs

We use the advantages of blockchain and NFT technologies. NFT tickets are processed in a chain of blocks that perform the functions of NFT. They are visible and available in real time. They include immutability, transparency, and digital ownership. It connects Web3 and the event industry and is a global connection between artists and their communities through unique and personalized NFTs.

There are 2 main ways to use SkeyTix:
1. You use SkeyTix as an autonomous event and ticket generator.
2. You refine and streamline your current ticketing system.

The SkeyTix product plays an essential role in the Skey Network Tokenomic. In short, the more NFT tickets generated, the more Skey tokens burned from the market.

Specific benefits of using SkeyTix

  1. Ticket Companies: Integrating NFT tickets to scale your business and gain new technology opportunities. Providing greater comfort to users, increasing business opportunities through, e.g., cost reduction (e.g., resignation from printed tickets).
  2. Event organizers: Affordability and ease of use will allow you to organize an event, generate tickets, and verify them with the application. Not only do you not need to use ticketing companies, but you can also do it yourself with the most secure technology available on the market.
  3. For participants (visitors of the event): A ticket that you will not lose and no one will ever steal or counterfeit. Such an NFT ticket can provide additional opportunities such as access to the VIP zone, entitlement to extra bonuses, and discounts provided by the organizer.

Companies, institutions, and organizations use SkeyTix and NFT tickets to provide a new approach to everyday events such as conferences, workshops, and concerts. SkeyTix revolutionizes ticketing, which can also be helpful after the event.

Use SkeyTix if you want to:

  • make sure that no one forges tickets,
  • significantly shorten the registration time for the event,
  • create fully secured digital events,
  • use innovative and intuitive technology,
  • take advantage of new statistical and monitoring capabilities,
  • Integrate it with your ticketing system.

Use Case — A practical example of using SkeyTix by the Marshal’s Office.

  1. The Marshal’s Office is organizing an event. It needs a solution that would provide them with innovation, time and cost savings, eco-friendliness, and the possibility of accepting specific official consents — GDPR.
  2. SkeyTix met all these requirements. Our solution helped organize the event. The organizer received a tool in the form of a panel for creating and managing the event and a mobile application for checking tickets.
  3. Then, the organizer created the event page himself. They did not have to organize employment or official tenders about who should make the event website and pay for it.
  4. When creating the registration form for the event, participants had to accept specific consents required by the office. All these operations were done with a panel.
  5. The last element was the preparation of tickets and sending them to the participants. The whole operation went quickly and without any problems.
  6. The result was time and cost savings. Organizing an event and generating tickets is simple and intuitive, saving time and reducing costs.

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