SkeyNetwork Introduces POAPs—Easy NFTs for Every Event!

2 min readNov 29, 2023


Our system has undergone an evolution. Responding to feedback from our clients, we decided to simplify its operation and enrich it with new features. A key new feature is the NFT module we introduced, which allows users to create, send, and view NFTs related to events easily.

Dual Approach to Product Offering and Promotion

We have divided the offering and promotion of our product into two main areas:

  1. As an autonomous event management tool.
  2. For quick integration via API with already existing systems.

Enhancing Events with the NFT Functionality

The new functionality of NFTs has significantly enhanced our system. It now allows generating, uploading, and viewing NFTs related to events, which opens up new possibilities for organizers of various events. Everyone can find something valuable in this feature, such as a digital souvenir of a concert, a certificate of graduation from a training course, or proof of participation in a conference, which can help confirm acquired skills and showcase interests and development.

Comprehensive Event Organization with SkeyTix

SkeyTix allows for comprehensive event organization, offering, among other things:

  • Event Page Creation: Our system allows for easy creation and personalization of online event pages.
  • Accepting Required Consents: The module allows for adding and collecting consents, such as RODO, from attendees.
  • Sending Tickets: We facilitate the event registration process by offering the ability to send electronic tickets.
  • Checking Tickets: Our tool allows ticket scanning at events, speeding up service and improving service quality.
  • Attendee List: We provide quick access to guest attendance information, eliminating the need to search for guests.
  • Event Accounting: We offer the generation of lists of attendees with their accepted approvals.
  • NFT: This function allows creating, uploading, and viewing NFTs as unique souvenirs or skill confirmations.

We have developed an API service for customers with their own ticketing systems that allows integration with our NFT solutions for tickets and unique souvenirs or certificates.

Continuous Innovation at SkeyTix

At SkeyTix, we constantly strive to innovate to make our solutions not only effective but also inspiring. Our enhanced system with the NFT module is a step forward in event management technology. We invite everyone to explore our offerings and experience how our new features can enhance any event.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Event Management

Discover how easily and efficiently it can help manage events, create memorable experiences, and offer added value to attendees. Contact us today to learn more or start a partnership!

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