SkeyBox — Durable Medium as a “turn-key solution.”

4 min readJul 5, 2023


We are at the stage of intensive changes related to remodelling the way of doing business. In recent years, the Covid19 crisis or the war in Ukraine has shown that only a well-planned, flexible company will resist market turmoil.
In addition, the increase in customer awareness has probably been less significant. The latest trends in building products or services are inextricably linked to maintaining sustainable development and customer orientation. Before the customer decides to buy a product or service, he checks the supplier’s reliability more often and wants to ensure that the product/service meets the requirements and safety standards.
The care policy for the environment is welcome and desirable, regardless of whether it is an individual, public, or corporate client. Therefore, to meet these new conditions, the entrepreneur should ensure the transparency of his business to build trust with customers and have an advantage over the competition.

As shown by the examples of prominent players such as Shell, Maersk, or IBM, blockchain technology is an excellent complement to optimization solutions focused on minimizing the carbon footprint, detecting possible errors in supply chains, data security, or protection against forgery.
Also, more and more banks such as JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Alior, PKO BP, or institutions such as BIK (Credit Information Bureau) take advantage of the advantages of blockchain by securing documents, ensuring their immutability, optimising some of the processes implemented so far in other technologies.

According to estimates of the adoption of blockchain technology by 2021, there is an 89% year-on-year growth trend, which will accelerate year by year. This shows that blockchain technology is increasingly important in economic development. But it is not a technology reserved for the greatest.

This is where technology in a simple, easily adaptable form comes in handy — blockchain as a service — SkeyBox by Skey Network, targeted at business. This solution is a “turn-key solution,” i.e., it does not require specialist knowledge and is a ready-to-use tool. It also allows for simple integration of IT systems already operating in companies thanks to the available APIs. SkeyBox ensures the simplicity of using blockchain-based solutions. Thanks to the available modules, every entrepreneur can optimise processes in the company, reduce costs, and improve cooperation with contractors.

The new File Security module

The solution in the form of a durable medium was the first to be used by banks, which saved documents on a distributed network, which made it possible to secure their immutability.
The bank’s customer has a guarantee that at every stage of using the bank’s services, he has access to unchanging documentation and can use the conditions that were in force at the time of concluding the contract.

File Security is a module with the characteristics of a durable medium that allows you to protect important documents, reports, contracts, regulations, strategies, and other types of documents.
Published materials will always be available; any new version will also be visible if they are changed.
This allows customers who place an order or purchase at different times to have a guarantee that the conditions under which the transaction took place will not change.

Using the Files Security tool is also an improvement in management and considerable savings in the company’s functioning. Eliminating the printing and distribution of documents means lower costs and reducing the product’s carbon footprint.
The availability of uniform documents in real-time guarantees that different branches or subcontractors of the company work on a consistent standard. This is extremely important in outsourcing some elements of production or management.

The use of a durable medium can be seen at

The SkeyBox product is constantly developing in response to the market’s needs.
The Skey Network brand is working on further modules in SkeyBox, which will allow for securing products using NFT tokens, securing digital identity, and obtaining better control over data and assets by the end user.




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