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Continuous work and development are our main slogans and goals. We look at various industries and try to capture what fails and what our technology could improve. Among our interests was the widely understood ticketing industry, which can use the NFT token functionally. Market experience shows that issuing NFT tickets is one of the best ways to fight counterfeiting, replication, and resale of tickets from unauthorized persons.

We see great potential in the digital ticket market in the form of NFT, which is why we have created a new service in the Skey Network ecosystem and are working on its development and additional elements. We called this product SkeyTix. It is a complete tool for generating and managing digital tickets in NFT. Thanks to an API that provides event organizers with a modern option to create Tickets for various events, it enables the integration of Skey Network with the client’s ticketing system.

What are the benefits?
An innovative and secure ticketing system.
🔷Faster and more efficient ticket production and verifiability.
🔷Ticket status tracking.
🔷Ability to create statistics.
🔷Access to monitoring tools.
🔷Possibility to optimize traffic on “gates.”
🔷Reducing the cost of creating tickets.
🔷Convenience and simplicity of use (Application and API).
🔷Ability to create different graphic versions of the NFT ticket.
🔷Ensuring the security of sensitive data.
🔷Providing holders with additional benefits during the event in which they participate.
🔷Accelerate the registration process.
🔷An opportunity for artists to form stronger relationships with their fans.
🔷Giving tickets a collector’s value creates a lasting memento, potentially increasing the value of a specific NFT ticket.
🔷Reducing the risk of losing a ticket.

NFT tickets can also provide ongoing royalties to artists, event organizers, and other stakeholders. Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain network, anyone can track transactions on the web, making it easier for anyone to see when and where a ticket was bought and sold — and giving event organizers more control over primary and secondary ticket sales. There is nothing to prevent such a ticket from having more functions in the future, e.g., opening a door, barrier, or other zone or subzone of the event. We are working on additional options, and we are checking new possibilities.

Where can it be used?
We have created a ready-made SkeyTix tool that is very easy to integrate with event organizer systems. To use it, just log in to your account or use the API and extend your system with new possibilities. This solution will allow organizers to transfer their products to the blockchain world using NFT and create unique events such as concerts, festivals, sports events, fairs, conferences, closed meetings, discussion groups, community groups, and many more. What is worth emphasizing, SkeyTix support does not require event participants to install additional tools or applications. All they have to do is show the ticket in the form of an image to the organizer, and the organizer, using the dedicated SkeyTix application, will check the ticket’s authenticity and confirm the participant’s eligibility for the given event.

A significant advantage of our service is that if the event organizer needs a ticket distribution system, he can buy one! In short, you just need to create an account, enter the data (e.g., link to the event website or location data — link to google maps), generate the desired pool of tickets on the platform, and then start distributing available channels, e.g., by e-mail.

SkeyTix is a Skey product and will be implemented by the Skey Network. We also provide an API for customers to integrate this solution into their systems. This solution fits perfectly into the Tokenomic of mass NFT generation on the Skey Network blockchain. SKEY tokens used to generate NFT tickets will be purchased from the exchange and automatically burned by Skey Bridge.

We plan to start with small integration and local events, then aim at more significant events. SkeyTix can be especially useful at closed events (VIP).

Do you have your ticketing system and want to extend it with the functions of NFT-based tickets?
Use our solution. Our tool develops your ticketing system by integrating the ticket with the NFT. You can easily and quickly add this extension with a plugin to your system. You don’t have to create your solutions or need developer support.

If you want to organize an event and use our product, please write to us at or contact us quickly at

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