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2 min readAug 9, 2022


During the rebranding, we talked about the evolution of the Smartkey project into its independent blockchain ecosystem. Now Skey Network is an infrastructure for creating decentralized solutions based on the technology we provide.

Skey Network is evolving as it moves from services to a fully operational blockchain. Therefore, we are changing the identification of the project by entering a new, higher level of development opportunities. We are planning many engaging activities before the end of this year — we are changing the website and services and implementing the NODEs commercial building system. We model our development on other projects building long-term, functional solutions.

Skey Network provides a fast, scalable and affordable blockchain platform. Skey is an independent blockchain that allows you to create flexible products, services, and user-friendly applications that guarantee cryptographic security.

We will adapt the construction ecosystem of solutions dedicated to everyone for everyday use. We will create an integration of all intelligent Smart Cities and Sharing Economy solutions for smart cities.

Our blockchain is to help companies, startups, and individual users create new safe, decentralized, and automated products, services, or applications.

Many companies and institutions are looking for new ways to transform their products in response to the trend of blockchain, the Internet of Things, DeFi, and NFT. Our mission is to help them and jointly lead to mass adoption in many areas of the economy. We want to provide blockchain and tools for fast, simple, and cheap integration. It is a long-term strategy that we believe in and wants to implement!🌆

Main strategic goals:

  1. Changing the identification of the project — increasing the recognition of our brand as a blockchain ecosystem. Result: higher technological value of the project and higher economic valuation of skey units.
  2. Introduction of the commercial NODEs system. A technological solution that will allow any company to implement the Skey Network blockchain technology in its products or use the ecosystem in corporate processes. Effect: building a scalable (quick to adapt) model of implementing Skey Network technology in companies and corporations
  3. The first own Skey Network Hackathon. An activity aimed at popularizing the Skey Network blockchain among developers. The secondary effect will be the creation of more “dApp”, tools, services created in the Skey Network ecosystem.
  4. Cooperation with a marketing agency. Implementation of a marketing strategy by a specialized company dealing with “crypto marketing”. Effect: brand recognition, presentation of the project value on global markets.

Check out WhitePaper & Roadmap!

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