Skey Network Ecosystem Expansion

1 min readJul 6, 2022


We present an infographic that shows the scale of the ecosystem’s development. We know the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, but we stick to our development plan. We patiently implement the following milestones step by step. The development of our ecosystem continues, but the price does not reflect this, and our design is undervalued. The infographic below shows it perfectly. We implement our development consistently!🚀

This situation is an opportunity to mass NFT generation for products and wallets on the Skey Network blockchain. It is the greatest challenge and opportunity in Skey’s history. Go2NFT’s partnership with Vincenzo Sospiri Racing is a giant leap forward in developing our ecosystem. At the same time, we have a lot of significant opportunities ahead.💥

The development of the ecosystem and the increase in the use of Skey tokens will affect their demand. Remember that the Skey tokens used to generate NFT or in devices will be burned.🔥

Keep strong, keep hodl & keep your fingers crossed!✌️

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#Skey is an independent #blockchain ecosystem that enables universal #NFT #Oracle #DeFi products, services & blockchain apps.