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4 min readSep 28, 2022


Great things have humble beginnings and Skey Network has come a long way since its launch. Through constant development, exploring and testing new business models, making mistakes and fixing them, collaborating with partners, and working on proprietary technology, Skey Network has evolved. From initially an application used to secure and grant access, to becoming a standalone blockchain with global potential and international growth ambitions.

The WEB 3.0 revolution is coming, and Skey Network is one of the few solutions on the market that consolidates the major technology megatrends of the Internet of Things and blockchain technology to create the Blockchain of Things — an integrated system for securing, exchanging and verifying information, products and services.

Every Skey Network user, customer, and partner — whether institutional or individual — is given access to these dedicated tools and technological and content support that allows them to get started with blockchain easily, quickly, and securely.

We help implement BIoT solutions in companies and modern business models and investing in modern technology is increasingly becoming a necessity. Today, the technology shows real potential to reduce IT costs, expand B2B and B2C networks, introduce new products and increase company profits.

The benefits of the Skey Network blockchain stem primarily from the trust it builds, its built-in privacy, data security and integrity as well as transparency. What’s more, predictions are that the business value of the Skey Network blockchain will grow as enterprise deployments spread and improve. We are addressing these trends by offering ready-made, scalable solutions for businesses.

How can the Skey Network blockchain benefit companies?

1. It works well in processes that involve multiple parties, all of whom need access to the same data, but each has slightly different or outdated information, and an enormous amount of time is spent reconciling the data.

2. Skey Network blockchain shortens the distance between counterparties, bypasses some middlemen, and automates processes that often take time and effort. It also has the potential to save companies IT and labor costs and speed up e-commerce transactions. It is expected to help companies expand their customer base, reach out more effectively, and attract suppliers and partners. It is worth remembering that Skey Network’s blockchain is sustainable, charging the same as a regular server. In no way does it generate additional energy costs.

3. Tokenization of products and services using Skey Network tools. Examples include both physical products and services such as process handling in public institutions, mass certification in factories, authentication of clothing, luxury products, auto parts, digital art, carbon credits, or industrial machinery.

4. Another application of the Skey Network blockchain for business is the use of Smart Contracts, which act as elements of blockchain infrastructure, software development, and technology applications. They can completely automate the exchange of money and provision of services, granting access to digital content and enforcing privacy protection. A smart contract is most easily understood as a program that uses business logic to make agreements and transactions between blockchain Skey Network participants.

What do we see as the next steps in the development and future of the Skey Network blockchain?

Although we are still in a bear market, the landscape for the future of blockchain technology is full of activity and optimism, with more implementations and partnerships underway.

We will survive the fall and grow in areas such as:

  • Data security — RODO
  • Integration of multiple services and partners
  • Transparency of transactions
  • NFT generation
  • Access Control by payment cards

Companies still reeling from the shock of COVID-19’s major supply chain disruption are again looking to blockchain as a path to greater transparency and responsiveness and opening up to new markets.

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We believe that now is the moment when our experience, technology, and blockchain programming tools prove their usefulness to more partners. The key is already in place. Take advantage of it.

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Skey Network

Skey Network is universal, standardized communication system. Connector that combines the IoT devices with blockchain.