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In the digital world, where information is of utmost importance, authenticity and verifiability of information and data are crucial. Blockchain is currently one of the most secure technologies in the world. Banks such as J.P. Morgan, Alior, and BNB Paribas are already using blockchain. Does this mean this technology is reserved only for large banks or corporations with substantial capital and programming resources? By providing the Skey Box service, we prove that any company, even a small business or a sole proprietorship, can benefit from blockchain in everyday use.

In the world of big data, we face problems such as: counterfeiting products, patents, or solutions; excessive paper documentation (contracts, regulations, reports, etc.); and undermining brand authenticity (digital deepfake). Blockchain is not a database or a cloud; it is a decentralized, distributed, open, public ledger of operations/transactions showing undeniable data — impossible to delete or falsify and very difficult to hack, guaranteed by cryptography.

What does Skey Box offer?
Skey Box is presented as a service that allows easy and intuitive use of blockchain technology security. It is a SaaS model, specifically BaaS — Blockchain as a Service. The assumption is that any user capable of handling a simple program like Office or Dropbox can manage Skey Box. Skey Box is a universal no-code blockchain. It is a set of tools that allow a company to quickly and efficiently benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology and NFTs.

Currently, Skey Box includes:

  1. Communication NODE — a communication node for handling blockchain. It is your address in the blockchain and a copy of the blockchain server.
  2. Data API — read/write tools.
  3. Files Security (Blockchain durable medium) — securing documentation using a durable medium, storing important documents and data securely and immutably. Thanks to blockchain, all information is protected from manipulation, and recorded transactions are permanent and impossible to delete. You have complete control over data and transactions.
  4. Certification — creating your own product certification systems. Assigning digital identity — digital twin — passport — certificate — Skey Network technology guarantees that the data assigned to the physical good/asset is authentic and comes from the manufacturer or owner thanks to a unique, encrypted record on the blockchain network.

Savings and once again, savings!
Using Skeybox allows for reducing costs related to data security. Utilizing blockchain as a durable medium reduces printing and document distribution costs. Using NFT tokens as digital proof of the authenticity and originality of a product minimizes losses related to counterfeits. Blockchain is a potentially cheaper, safer, and more reliable alternative to centralized cloud storage. Savings also appear in IT and infrastructure maintenance costs, as we provide a ready-made tool ensuring infrastructure and service maintenance. The entry barrier for customers is set at an attractive financial level, and the prices of individual transactions are as low as possible. Additionally, the modular solution allows for flexible tool selection and easy service adaptation depending on the client’s needs.

Use SkeyBox if you want to:

  • 🔷Secure data permanently with cryptography.
  • 🔷Gain transparency for the data you choose.
  • 🔷Reduce costs associated with printing and data or transaction management.
  • 🔷Increase reliability and attractiveness of products and services.
  • 🔷Ensure the originality and high, transparent quality of products and services.
  • 🔷Reduce the negative impact on the environment by eliminating the need for additional servers (blockchain relies on existing infrastructure), minimizing paper usage and exploitation of printing devices, and minimizing the transportation/distribution of documents.

Technical and pricing information
SkeyBox requires a one-time activation fee for NODE — 1000 EUR and a subscription fee for maintenance (per year) of 600 EUR. This price includes the Data API module, with additional modules available for 300 EUR per year. You can use SkeyBox in two ways: Contact us and pay the activation and maintenance fees upon receiving the invoice. We provide all support for configuration and service during the subscription period. Set up and fund the NODE with the required activation fee yourself. Performing actions in the blockchain network requires microtransaction fees. For example, the cost of a data write transaction in Data API or publishing one document in Files Security (Durable Medium) is 0.005EUR, and generating an NFT certificate is about 0.05 EUR. That’s why we offer transaction packages in various options: 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 units. Keep in mind that an action can absorb more than one transaction. Packages are paid one-time, can be used up, and can be recharged anytime.

The great advantage of the Skey Network blockchain is the low transaction cost, which is only 5$ for a 1000-unit package. In the case of other well-known blockchain networks, these costs are even several dozen or hundreds of times higher. The total cost for a year of using SkeyBox with the active Data API module is 1600 EUR + the selected transaction package. In addition, we are expanding the catalog of modules. Currently available is Files Security. We will soon launch the Certificates module, and more are being designed and will be added successively. Activating each of them in an annual subscription costs 300 EUR per year.

Case study — SkeyBox in practice
We, as a company, and our partners (Caruma) use data security — durable medium — corporate documents such as website terms of use, service regulations, or privacy policies can be secured on the blockchain as a durable medium.
2. Waste24 uses SkeyBox to record data from sensors placed in municipal waste containers on the blockchain. It is essential that this data is secure, immutable, and transparent. The Waste24 system is intelligent waste management that allows municipalities not only to optimize waste management costs (e.g., by optimizing garbage truck routes) but also to fight irregularities in this area. The tool offers many possibilities, including preventing data falsification about waste collection. Watch more:
3. VP PLANT deals with the energy sector. They use blockchain in the broad sense of energy management. This results in lowering energy costs and managing energy much more efficiently.
4. MBC trans — Application of blockchain in logistics. Recording events related to containers, trailers, and employees.
5. Orange Polska — They use SkeyBox for their data security.

In summary, SkeyBox is a tool that enables companies to introduce secure blockchain technology into their business. It is an attractive solution for companies that want to increase their efficiency and profits and build new business models while simultaneously reducing costs and contributing to environmental protection. Take advantage of SkeyBox and bring your company into Industry 5.0, the new revolution. Your company must not only be innovative and digital but also meet new challenges, such as caring for the environment and focusing on customer needs. Blockchain technology guarantees the immutability and indisputability of data about your company. It provides your conscious customers with proof of your reliability and responsibility — it shows how you care for the quality of the products you deliver to them and how you care for the environment. Show potential contractors who care about sustainable development that you are trustworthy. Banks, investment funds, and public entities check companies before providing financing. Large companies looking for subcontractors check their clients for sustainable development.

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