Revolutionizing Real-World Assets with SkeyNetwork Introduction

2 min readJun 7, 2024


Tokenizing real-world assets (RWA) is transforming investments. Skey Network began by tokenizing access keys, allowing users to hold tokenized keys in their digital wallets. This was just the start of a more extensive infrastructure development.

Expanding Tokenization

The next step was enabling investments in tokenized asset packages. Through blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts, investors worldwide can easily invest in physical assets (RWA) and earn passive income. Tokenization divides investments into smaller packages, lowering the entry barrier and making investments more accessible and diversified.

The Smart Contract Solution

Using existing tools, Skey Network developed a new smart contract to streamline the tokenization process. For instance, a parking lot with a set number of spaces can be tokenized and managed via a dedicated smart contract, providing investors with transparent accounting and proportional returns.

How It Works:

  • Investors contribute financially.
  • The smart contract pools funds for the entire parking lot.
  • Investors receive an NFT token as proof of investment.
  • Users pay for parking, generating revenue.
  • Profits are distributed to investors proportionally through the smart contract.

Implementation and Future Potential

This solution has been successfully implemented in a parking lot using the Skey Network blockchain. The potential is vast, as the same smart contract can be applied to various other assets.


The development of this technology opens new horizons for Skey Network. Parking is just the beginning of their journey in tokenizing real assets. The future belongs to those who embrace innovation. Join Skey Network and be part of this change.




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