Conference — Blockchain for Smart Cities in Ireland

Blockchain technology and its implementation are developing at an increasing pace. Therefore, education in the field of this technology and other so-called next-generation-tech. Skey Network, which has accurate blockchain-based technology, is a pioneer in the market. The interest in our secure communication system is growing.

Maciej Bułkowski, Szymon Fiedorowicz and, Herman Sadik presented our technology at the Dublin City University conference. Students, researchers, and staff interested in blockchain took part in the conference. There were many questions about the number of organizations using our technology, current transactions on our blockchain, security of tokens, and how to use SkeyUSD.

Caruma, apart from product implementation and promotion, is more and more active in the area of education. We sent training materials, instructions, and devices along with the application. We have high hopes for actual implementations in this region.🌐

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We are building a network of cooperation with academia. We were offered to participate in Blockchain Ireland Week. Cooperation is very important because our activity is an interesting research area for them. We invite you to participate in Blockchain Ireland Week. The co-organizer is:

We would also like to thank the organizers and participants!🔥

Special thanks to Irina Tal — Assistant Professor | Academic Lead MSc in Blockchain — Distributed Ledger Technologies (partly funded by Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet) | LERO Funded Investigator

Blockchain is a technology of the future; the sooner you get to know it, the more you will gain. Follow us to meet the blockchain better.

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