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Blockchain is a revolution. This is a complete departure from traditional ways of doing things — even for industries that have already experienced a significant transformation with the use of digital technologies.

The main challenges related to blockchain technology are the still relatively low level of awareness of its existence and importance in sectors other than banking and the cryptocurrency market, and the lack of knowledge of what it is and how it functions. This makes it difficult to invest and explore blockchain-based ideas in subsequent industries.

I would like to implement blockchain in my company, but I do not know how to do it — this is a dilemma that many CEOs of corporations are currently struggling with. Other key questions they ask are:

- Is blockchain suitable for my organization?
- What are my competitors and colleagues saying about blockchain?
- Who is the leader in my industry in blockchain technology? Should I imitate him?
- Who should I work with within my organization and outside of it to implement blockchain in my company?
- How to solve all these dilemmas and make the right decisions?
Ask experienced experts.

At Skey Network — as industry pioneers, we asked ourselves all these questions a few years ago. As a result, we are richer in experience, theoretical and practical knowledge, and above all — we have ready solutions for everyone who wants to implement blockchain in their organization, but still feel insecure.

Skey Network has proprietary technology for corporations to improve and enrich their capabilities. We have a solution that we want to tell the whole world about. Our team has experience with many implementations, which means that it has dealt with the problems that hampered the smooth integration of the blockchain.

Skey integration process:

Step #1 — Introduction

A substantive conversation and presentation of the possibilities of blockchain and technology in front of the company’s management is the basis of any successful partnership. It takes place in a hybrid formula — through videoconferences and offline meetings. We present and introduce the service, we talk about it. We answer questions. We focus on Proof of Concept. Demonstrating real usability takes time (usually 2–3 months), funds and contractors, but it is worth it because we do not like to throw words into the wind and we are sure of our technology and quality that it can bring to your company.

Step #2 — Preparation

After the presentation phase and the decision to cooperate, we proceed to action. Preparation of a proprietary solution requires careful cooperation, continuous consultations of project teams on the part of the client and Skey, and — above all — time. A common problem with blockchain integration in an organization is the lack of proper training of teams, which requires more time — devoted to transferring knowledge — time. The specific structure of the corporation is hierarchical, strictly defined rules and procedures for issuing consent to take specific actions in various fields. We fully understand this and be patient, working and waiting for the client’s decisions.

Step #3 — Tests

Once we develop a prototype — we start testing the solution. The process of benchmarks and necessary corrections usually takes 6–7 months. Blockchain — as it is a chain, must be properly arranged and take on a shape appropriate for the assumed functionality, so that the company can convince itself of its usefulness in a given field. During this time, the team is preparing for integration, which takes about 2 months…

Step #4 — Implementation

…to finally complete the implementation! Full integration takes about a month. We take into account that not everything works immediately like in a Swiss watch and is understood by employees and customers, so we are immediately ready to introduce corrections and improvements to the system. Blockchain integration in a corporation is not a matter of days and weeks or even months. A 30-person team, such as in Skey Network, is able to carry out an average of 3–4 implementations a year, and thus — acquire as many partners. Not will and resources — but time is by far the biggest obstacle on the way to technological implementation and final success.

How to change it?

The Skey Network team is working on creating a proprietary package tool (modeled on Chainlink).

For what purpose?

This solution provides simple, understandable and easy-to-use tools, thanks to which any company can integrate with the blockchain in just a few minutes! Our technology can be easily compared to the Microsoft Office suite, i.e. the software that caused a revolution in office work in the 1990s.

Now Skey Network wants to trigger such a revolution on the blockchain thanks to Skey Box.

Skey Box is a set of over a dozen tools to enable the implementation of blockchain technology on a mass scale, dramatically reducing the time needed for it. The solution will allow for not three or four, but several hundred implementations per year.

Each user / employee will be able to use intuitive blockchain solutions on their own device, without the need to involve the valuable time of specialists from corporate IT departments.

Because time is the most valuable resource that every person and organization has at their disposal. It is not only money, as the well-known saying goes, but the possibility of allocating it to the development of the organization in other areas, improvement of processes or … whatever comes to the mind of our partner’s management!

Want to know more about our dedicated business solutions and the revolutionary Skey Box technology? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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