Bitwork CEO and former OKEx executive Andy Cheung joins Smartkey blockchain project to spearhead Asia-Pacific expansion and listing strategy

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3 min readJan 7, 2021


SmartKey, a rapidly-growing blockchain company based in Estonia, has today appointed Andy Cheung to spearhead it’s ambitious expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region and manage its listing strategy.

Cheung is the CEO of Bitwork, one of the biggest blockchain consultancy firms in Asia. Under Andy’s leadership, Bitwork accelerated and incubated multiple projects including Centric, DigiCol, RingX, and the Korean crypto exchange Aprobit. He was previously COO and executive of the influential OKEx exchange. He has been named the one of TOP 50 most important and influential people in the cryptocurrency space by Cointelegraph and a top global blockchain influencer by CryptoSlate, Bitcoin Insider, and Block Journal.

Andy is also the founder and executive chairman of a next generation cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, ACDX. The serial entrepreneur previously served in executive roles at Groupon Inc., iClick Interactive, and Alibaba Group.

SmartKey connects the world of physical values such as gates and devices with the blockchain of things, via smart contracts on the Ethereum and Waves blockchain. Its ultimate vision is to enable the smart city of the future — connecting multiple data sources, via public blockchain, to power smart devices within the home and also municipal infrastructure such as public transport and utilities. SmartKey recently launched the world’s first blockchain project to assist emergency services with a pilot in one of Poland’s biggest cities, Oltsztyn, using its technology to grant access to rescue teams in an emergency — cutting down response times and helping to save lives. It has also just announced a new global partnership with Ferguson to integrate over 300,000 smart home devices with its technology.

Cheung said: “SmartKey is a project where the potential is clearly shown in working, real world solutions and partnerships with global brands like Kia and Ferguson. Its ability to solidly connect physical values to the blockchain of things will help elevate the technology and bring the project near the top of the coin market cap ranking.”

Szymon Fiedorowicz, CEO of SmartKey added: “The Asian market is a critical one for this project, in terms of investment and of realising our ultimate vision for smart cities. We know the appetite is there from our community and investors and the listing strategy will be vital in fulfilling SmartKey’s potential.”

About SmartKey

Smartkey (SKEY) is a unique platform that connects the DeFi world with the physical world assets. Smartkey is the first platform to connect the Blockchain of Things (BoT) with DeFi projects. This token promotes the Puzzle Economy which is a collection of Smart Contracts that executes various connected processes. Smartkey token has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 SKey tokens.

Businesses can use Smartkey to streamline services and automate their user interactions. They can also execute the ascents of blockchain that involve distributed ledger, smart contracts, absence of censorship, and intermediaries. Smartkey solutions are used for distant and contactless cryptocurrency payments.

Smartkey has collaborated with brands like KIA and Teltonika. Using this cryptocurrency, the companies have developed innovative DeFi solutions for car access management and rental settlement, device interactions, and car rental blockchain-based technologies.



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